SPRING GROVE, Ill. (AP) - A couple of guys are letting their land do the talking about how much they love the Chicago Cubs. In Spring Grove, 82-year-old Jack Schmitt has carved a giant message of "Go Cubs Go" into the middle of his soybean field with a tractor and disc.

Cook County property tax records show that an entity controlled by the owner of the Chicago Cubs has purchased three more rooftop buildings next to Wrigley Field. 

The Chicago Cubs say they'll add portable toilets at Wrigley Field after fans had long and uncomfortable waits to use toilets during the season opener.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has joined those who have come to downtown's Daley Plaza to pay their respects to Cubs legend Ernie Banks.

Chicago Cubs ink new deal with WBBM

Jun 5, 2014

The Chicago Cubs new partnership with CBS-owned WBBM means more concerts at Wrigley Field.