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A religion professor at the University of Illinois says infrastructure would be one of his top priorities if he’s elected to Congress this fall.

Jon Ebel is one of five Democrats seeking his party’s nomination in the 13th Congressional District. Ebel says that an infrastructure bill would not only provide much-needed upgrades to roads, bridges, and rail … but it would also provide well-paying jobs.

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There is a crowded field of Democrats running in the March 2018 primary for Illinois' 13th Congressional district. But, one of the candidates is familiar to voters.

David Gill of Normal is making his sixth run for congress. Illinois Public Media’s Mark Schultz recently spoke with Gill, who says he is the best candidate to defeat incumbent Republican Rodney Davis.

He’s running against Betsy Dirksen-Londrigan, Jon Ebel, Erik Jones, and Angel Sides in the March 20, 2018 Democratic primary.


Trump Spurs Gill's Decision to Run For Congress

Mar 7, 2017

David Gill says he’s running again for Congress next year, and President Trump is the reason why.  The Bloomington Democrat says his problems with Trump go beyond disagreements over policy, and concern the nation’s core values.

After exhausting his chances in court, an independent candidate for Congress is dropping out, but his bid still has the potential to change Illinois elections in the future.

Bloomington Doctor David Gill has been on the ballot before (four times, actually) and lost. As a Democrat.

He says he's always criticized the party ""in regards to their selling out, as it were, to corporate interests and Wall Street banks."

This cycle he tried again to run in the 13th district, but as an independent.

The independent candidate for Congress in Illinois' 13th district has appealed to the U. S. Supreme Court in an effort to finally get his name back on the ballot.

A central-Illinois physician has lost another round in his fight to become an independent candidate for Congress.

David Gill's fourth bid for Congress almost didn't happen. The Bloomington emergency room physician had turned in more than 11,600 petition signatures to the Illinois Board of Elections to run as an independent in Illinois' winding 13th district.

A Bloomington man running for Congress has successfully sued to keep his name on the ballot.

David Gill is running as an independent, and failed to file the number of valid signatures required by Illinois law.

That number is much higher than it would be if he were running as a Democrat or Republican, and a federal judge on Thursday ruled that Gill must remain on the ballot.

Gill Fights To Remain On Ballot As Independent

Aug 25, 2016

Illinois makes running for office much harder for candidates who file as independents than those who identify as Democrats and Republicans. As Brian Mackey reports, that law is being challenged in federal court.

David Gill’s campaign gathered more than 8,000 valid signatures for his independent run for Congress. Although that was way more than the Democrat and Republican had to collect, it wasn’t enough.

In his lawsuit, Gill argues the higher signature requirement is all about protecting the major parties from competition.

A Bloomington physician running for Congress as an independent candidate has filed a lawsuit challenging the signature requirement.  

David Gill is seeking a U.S. House seat in the 13th District, which covers an area from central Illinois to near St. Louis.   

State election officials found Gill fell short of the 10,754 required valid signatures as an independent. His lawsuit filed this week alleges "severe and overly burdensome" signature requirements for independents. Democrats and Republicans need fewer than 740 signatures.  

Four time Congressional Candidate runs for 13th district

Apr 30, 2015

Four time Democratic Congressional Candidate David Gill says he's tired of the flaws of both Democratic and Republican Parties. His fifth run for Congress will be as an independent.

Republicans call Quinn appointment a political arrangement

May 21, 2013

Republicans in the Illinois Senate say Governor Pat Quinn’s appointment of a state health official is a political arrangement intended to shape a Congressional race next year. Bloomington physician David Gill was named the assistant director of the Illinois Department of Public Health earlier this month.