Madigan mum on election decision details

Jul 17, 2013

When Attorney General Lisa Madigan this week announced she would not seek the Illinois governor's office, she said a key factor was her father's position as speaker of the Illinois House. But in her first meeting with reporters since the announcement, she declined to elaborate. IPR’s Brian Mackey has more.

Lisa Madigan not running for governor

Jul 15, 2013

After months of speculation that Governor Pat Quinn would face a primary challenge from Lisa Madigan,  the Attorney General today announced she will not run for Governor.  IPR’s Amanda Vinicky reports.

Political scientist says Gov. needs a win on pension reform

Jun 11, 2013

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn “Desperately needs a win” on pension reform. That’s the conclusion of political scientist Kent Redfield. The U of I Springfield professor spoke ahead of next week’s special session on pensions, which Quinn ordered. Redfield says the Governor repeatedly blamed pension costs for the state's budget problems. If no agreement is reached, Redfield says, Quinn will look weak going into next year’s primary election:

Durbin seeks fourth term

Apr 18, 2013

Illinois US Senator Dick Durbin says he’s planning on running for a fourth term. From Washington, IPR’s Lauren Chooljian reports. 

Senator Durbin has been serving in the US Senate since 1997.