Elections are two Peoria offices with one purpose

Oct 31, 2014

  Often referendum language can be be complex enough it seems like a legal key is needed to decipher it. But that is not the case with the question asking Peoria voters if they want to consolidate the city and county election authorities. Peoria Public Radio’s Tanya Koonce reports:

Election Day is next Tuesday. But there’s a chance there will not be a clear cut winner right away in some Illinois races. The month prior to the election, Illinois offers grace period registration for anyone needing to register or update their address. 

A legislative investigation into an embattled anti-violence program has resumed, weeks before the November election. The hearing began Wednesday in Chicago.

The Peoria County board will consider allowing voters to decide if City and County election services should be combined. Peoria Public Radio’s Alex Rusciano reports the Board will consider adding the question on the November ballot at its next meeting:

Peoria County could manage city election commission

Jun 16, 2014

  Peoria County could take over the financial management of the City Election Commission. Peoria Public Radio's Alex Rusciano reports that's one topic for tomorrow's Metro Peoria Committee:

The Peoria City Election Commission is preparing for changes during the November election. Lawmakers approved a new election bill last week that expands the number of days people can register to vote. This ‘grace period’ time now includes the day before the election and on election day where people can both register and vote.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is continuing to make his case for keeping the state income tax rate at its current 5 percent. He didn’t get any help from Democratic lawmakers who passed a budget without taking up Quinn’s tax plan.

After a weekend break, legislators begin to return to Springfield Monday as the calendar draws closer to the scheduled May 31st adjournment. IPR'S Amanda Vinicky catches us up.

While the end of the month is a key date, it's another one, about a half a year away, that will largely guide much of what happens these next few weeks: the election.

State argument over citizen’s initiatives

May 5, 2014

State election officials are beginning a long and deliberate process --- going through the two citizen's initiatives filed last week.  Challengers are trying to argue that's a waste of time and money.

Amanda Vinicky / Illinois Public Radio

Even as a redistricting campaign celebrates submitting its petition to get on the November ballot, the effort is already under legal attack. 

A community group aiming to oust a current district 150 school board member says the move is needed to improve the district.  The Change 150 group is backing Sue Wolstenholm for the 3rd District seat, even though she plans to resign if elected.  That's because Wolstenholm’s name was already on the ballad when she decided to get out of the race against incumbent Laura Petelle.  Sea Stipe is with Change 150.  He says they group is campaigning to send the school board and administration a message: 

Webster challenges White for IL Sec. of State

Nov 18, 2013

Illinois' longtime secretary of state finally has at least one challenger in next year's election. Republican Mike Webster says he'll take on Democrat Jesse White.

White is seeking his fifth term as secretary of state. He's a formidable opponent -- winning each of his four elections by double-digit margins, and once carrying all of Illinois' 102 counties.

District 150 School Board incumbent Laura Petelle has a challenger for another term next spring.  Petelle will run against challenger Sue Wolstenholm in the March election for the third district board seat.  Petelle was first elected in 2009.  The winner will serve a five-year term.  Monday was the filing deadline for the

Illinois Democrats meet, Madigan not present

Aug 14, 2013

Illinois Democrats gathered in Springfield Wednesday to rally behind their candidates ahead of next year’s election. But they met among a backdrop of party infighting, lawsuits - and without the presence of the state’s party chairman. From Springfield - IPR’s Tony Arnold reports: 

Bill Daley officially announces run for governor

Jul 30, 2013

Tuesday former commerce secretary and investment banker Bill Daley says he's officially running for Illinois governor. But this comes nearly two months after Daley said he was already "totally committed" to the race. So IPR’s Brian Mackey asks: did anything really change?

Madigan mum on election decision details

Jul 17, 2013

When Attorney General Lisa Madigan this week announced she would not seek the Illinois governor's office, she said a key factor was her father's position as speaker of the Illinois House. But in her first meeting with reporters since the announcement, she declined to elaborate. IPR’s Brian Mackey has more.

Lisa Madigan not running for governor

Jul 15, 2013

After months of speculation that Governor Pat Quinn would face a primary challenge from Lisa Madigan,  the Attorney General today announced she will not run for Governor.  IPR’s Amanda Vinicky reports.

Political scientist says Gov. needs a win on pension reform

Jun 11, 2013

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn “Desperately needs a win” on pension reform. That’s the conclusion of political scientist Kent Redfield. The U of I Springfield professor spoke ahead of next week’s special session on pensions, which Quinn ordered. Redfield says the Governor repeatedly blamed pension costs for the state's budget problems. If no agreement is reached, Redfield says, Quinn will look weak going into next year’s primary election:

Durbin seeks fourth term

Apr 18, 2013

Illinois US Senator Dick Durbin says he’s planning on running for a fourth term. From Washington, IPR’s Lauren Chooljian reports. 

Senator Durbin has been serving in the US Senate since 1997.