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Airport officials say an agreement allowing a central Illinois youth soccer league to use airport-owned fields is likely a short-term deal due to concerns about safety and federal guidelines.  The Central Illinois Regional Airport has a lease with Prairie Cities Soccer League that runs through the end of the year. 

Snowy conditions at O'Hare International Airport have led to a small jet sliding off a runway and a commercial jet sliding on a taxiway.

FAA proposes $2-million fine for drone photography

Oct 7, 2015

The owner of a Chicago-based aerial photography company is calling the Federal Aviation Administration’s proposal to fine his company almost $2 million dollars ridiculous.  


  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says the Federal Aviation Administration will expedite a review of how airport noise is measured. Emanuel said Thursday the study will benefit Chicago residents by allowing more people to qualify for the O'Hare Residential Sound Insulation Program. Noise complaints from residents near O'Hare have soared since flight paths changed with the construction of new runways. The study will review the national day-night average sound level, which would create a better understanding of the magnitude of the problem facing those living near O'Hare. Officials say Chicago wil

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A fire at a suburban Chicago air traffic control facility halted all flights in and out of the city's two airports, and is impacting flights throughout the Midwest.