Governor Bruce Rauner

Lawmakers Relieved to Know They Will Get Paychecks

Mar 24, 2017

Some Illinois lawmakers who had their paychecks delayed by 9 months are expressing relief they’ll finally get their salaries.  There was a popular slogan during last year’s campaign for Comptroller.  No budget, no pay.


A state senator from the Chicago suburb of Evanston is joining the race for Illinois governor.

Governor Bruce Rauner is predicting companies would flee the state if Illinois changed its income tax structure.  Currently the personal income tax rate is 3.75%.  Some Democratic candidates for governor are starting to campaign on changing to a graduated income tax rate - so wealthy people pay more.  Rauner says that proposal would result in business owners leaving Illinois.

Rauner Accuses Comptroller of Leaking False Story

Mar 10, 2017

Governor Bruce Rauner is accusing Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza of leaking a false story about his administration.  The accusation comes a day after the AP published a story about Rauner paying his deputy governor’s salary out of an employee health care account.  That account is already more than 4 billion dollars in debt.  Rauner says the story was "a political plant that should never have been reported."

Illinois Senate Democrats are asking state agency heads to answer for Governor Bruce Rauner’s decision to pull votes off the “grand bargain.”  The governor’s own budget proposal depends on the grand bargain, otherwise it’s short by $4.6 billion.  

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is dismissing the governor’s latest ideas for funding Chicago Public Schools.   The latest chapter of the battle between Governor Bruce Rauner and Emanuel centers around $215 million dollars for CPS that Rauner vetoed in December.   

Chance The Rapper Meets With Governor Rauner

Mar 3, 2017
Facebook/Chance the Rapper

Chicago musician Chance the Rapper met with Governor Bruce Rauner about funding for the city’s public schools.  After the meeting, Chance says he was flustered and frustrated.  He says the governor gave him vague answers about how to fix the CPS budget gap.

A day after the Illinois Senate failed to vote on its “grand bargain,” lawmakers are wondering how to pick up the pieces.  Democrats were angry when most Republicans refused to vote on the budget deal.  They blamed it on the intervention of Governor Bruce Rauner, who’s reportedly been meeting with Republicans this week.  Rauner says the deal isn’t good enough.

Members of Illinois government's biggest labor union have voted to allow a strike.  The margin was 81-19, though roughly 40% of AFSCME members chose not to vote or were not eligible.  Union director Roberta Lynch says her members do not want to strike. She says she hopes Governor Bruce Rauner will resume negotiating.

A federal law known as the Every Student Succeeds Act, or ESSA, requires every state to make sure kids become proficient in core subjects, and continue to learn more each year. The law further requires states to come up with a yardstick to measure that success, but allows some flexibility on how heavily test scores will count. Other numbers like graduation rates and college readiness can be factored in.


A member of Governor Bruce Rauner's school funding reform commission says he’s disappointed in the governor’s budget proposal, announced Wednesday.

  State Senator Andy Manar, a Democrat from Bunker Hill, says he hoped the group's recommendations would be reflected in Rauner’s plan. The governor instead suggested adding more money to the existing formula, which both Democrats and Republicans have denounced as inequitable.

Chicago's Civic Federation has laid out a map to lead Illinois out of the fiscal abyss.  The non-partisan government research organization says Illinois’ biggest problem is state government’s failure to pass a budget for going on two years.

Politicians of all parties often sidestep awkward questions.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner followed that tradition during a stop at Heartland Community College in Normal on Wednesday.

Paul Coussens

After 19 months without a state budget, Illinois senators today were not yet ready to move forward on a compromise plan intended to end the impasse.  Democrats and Republicans spent hours behind closed doors, arguing about whether the deal negotiated by their leaders was good enough to end Illinois’ unprecedented budget fight.

Brian Mackey / Illinois Public Radio

The Illinois Senate could begin voting tomorrow on a bipartisan compromise meant to end the state's budget standoff.  Senate President John Cullerton says for every day without a spending plan, Illinois goes 11 million dollars deeper in debt.

Former Illinois Comptroller Leslie Munger has a new job as a deputy to Governor Bruce Rauner.  It was just a few months ago that voters turned Munger out of office. The Republican lost to Democrat Susana Mendoza by about five percentage points.  Rauner had appointed Munger to that job; now he's given her another.  

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner spoke in Rockford to tout a new school funding framework. 

The governor paid a visit to the Barbour Two-Way Immersion School, which provides instruction in both English and Spanish. After touring several classrooms, Rauner said he would double down on funding schools more equally.

“We are going to change the way schools are funded in Illinois, improve it, get more resources overall, and especially more resources for lower-income schools that don’t have access to the same advantages as higher-income schools," he said.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner’s administration is trying to convince state employees that a strike would be “reckless.”  About 30,000 state employees who belong to the union AFSCME are starting a 3-week-long process in which they’ll be voting on whether they should strike.  

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is asking a judge to tell state employees: No budget, no paycheck.

In an effort to increase pharmacy accountability and ensure public safety, Governor Bruce Rauner calls for stronger regulations that oversee pharmacy consultations in Illinois.  The governor says an investigation revealed flaws in the state's current pharmacy system that puts patients at risk.

Rauner: Obamacare Replacement Needed

Jan 18, 2017

Governor Bruce Rauner said Wednesday he is opposed to a repeal of Obamacare  without a replacement. It’s a rare comment from the governor about national politics.

Rauner Hopeful for Federal Infrastructure Money

Jan 17, 2017
Flickr Creative Commons/jennie-o

Governor Bruce Rauner is hopeful Illinois will receive money for transportation from Donald Trump’s administration.

Chicago State University is getting a whole new slate of leaders.  The school has struggled financially for the last few years due in part to the state’s budget impasse.  The majority of the South Side university’s students are African-Americans.

Governor Bruce Rauner and his fellow Republicans have spent years vilifying House Speaker Michael Madigan. Lately, the party has gone further… trying to sway House Democrats away from re-electing Madigan as their leader. 

The Illinois General Assembly voted to expand sick leave rights. Under the change, people would be entitled to paid time off to care for stepchildren and domestic partners.  State Representative Peter Breen is a Republican from Lombard. He has opposed same-sex marriage, but says adding domestic partners was simply about keeping Illinois consistent with federal law.

A new law designed to relieve the statewide shortage of teachers and substitute teachers was signed by Governor Bruce Rauner today.  State Senator Dave Luechtefeld, a Republican, taught  history and government at Okawville High School for more than 30 years, so it’s hard to argue with him about what it takes to be an educator. 

Any day now, Governor Bruce Rauner's criminal justice reform commission is expected to release its final set of recommendations. It's trying to figure out how to safely reduce Illinois' prison population by 25% over the next decade.

Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner sent two clear signals when he dumped $50 million into his campaign fund: The 2018 race for Illinois governor will be a rough one, and the contest starts now.

What's still unknown is which Democrats will try to unseat the multimillionaire former businessman. According to potential candidates and aides, those considering a bid include U.S. Rep. Cheri Bustos, businessman Chris Kennedy, state Sen. Andy Manar and billionaire investor J.B. Pritzker. Kennedy could make an announcement next month. The others haven't set a timeline.

Emanuel Releases E-mails to Settle Lawsuit

Dec 22, 2016
danxoneil / Peoria Public Radio

More than two thousand pages of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s emails have been released.


It’s the end of a lawsuit over Emanuel’s use of private emails for city business. Emanuel was sued by the Better Government Association.


In a statement - attorneys for the BGA and the city say they disagree whether city business done on personal email accounts is subject to public disclosure laws.


In the ongoing budget grudge match between Governor Bruce Rauner and the Democratically-controlled legislature, one bright spot is that public schools have been spared. Rauner, in fact, has boasted that under his administration, general state aid for schools has been fully funded for the first time in years. But there’s a caveat to that claim.