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Rauner hopeful for budget deal by end of next month

21 hours ago

Illinois Republican Governor Bruce Rauner says he's hopeful he and Democratic lawmakers can reach a 2-year budget deal by the end of next month.   The state's already gone 10 months without a budget and that's left higher education and human services crippled. 

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A recent agreement means that, despite the budget impasse, Illinois will fund services for disabled babies. But therapists and children who rallied at the Statehouse today say their worries aren't over.

Illinois stopped funding Early Intervention from July until last week. Maggie Lay says therapists who couldn't afford to work without paychecks stopped seeing her daughter, Tessa.

Tessa is 21 months old and has Down Syndrome. During the rally to preserve those services, Tessa hugged her mom and munched on a Ritz cracker.


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. - An Illinois House committee has passed a plan to pay for emergency food assistance, mental health and other services during the state budget stalemate. The House Executive Committee's 7-0 vote Thursday sends the $3.8 billion spending plan to the full House. It's not known when the House will vote.

The measure also provides $1 billion for lottery payouts. It has already passed the Senate.

Republican Rep. Michael Tryon of suburban Crystal Lake questioned passing the bill when the state lacks money to pay for it. Rauner has indicated he'll veto it. 

Illinois Senate Democrats have advanced a plan to pay for human services during a state budget impasse.  A committee voted 6-3 Wednesday to advance $1.8 billion in general revenue spending and $2 billion in other state funds for child care, cancer screening, immunizations, autism treatment and more. 

Illinois House Democrats have sent a clear message to Gov. Bruce Rauner that they disagree with his proposed cuts to human services in next year's budget.

Lawmakers to determine where to cut spending

May 20, 2013

Despite years of cuts to the Illinois state budget, even more are ahead.  As IPR’S Amanda Vinicky reports, legislators are still deciding where else they can slash spending. 

"Human services" is a legislative phrase that covers ...