Illinois Department of Revenue

Officials say that a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that retailers must collect sales tax from buyers in other states could mean more than $200 million a year to Illinois.

The Illinois Department of Revenue's new administrative fee is outpacing budget expectations and has generated almost $50 million during its first eight months of collection. 

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. - It just got easier for Illinois residents to search for tax liens.


The state's Department of Revenue says it now has a searchable database where people can go to locate all active liens and releases filed by the department.


The department filed more than 39,000 liens in every Illinois county last year at a cost of about $700,000. IDOR Director Connie Beard says the electronic registry will reduce costs as well as speed up tax receipts going to state and local tax funds.

Illinois Treasurer Mike Frerichs says families in the state that have college savings plans won't get a break on their state taxes if they use those accounts to pay for private K-12 tuition.

Illinois taxpayers will be paying an in-between rate on 2017 income as a result of the state's tax increase.

The state of Illinois has officially given human resources departments the information they need to start deducting more from workers' paychecks.

A state auditor general report has found that a new court in Illinois created to resolve taxpayer complaints has poorly managed expenses and won't open an office outside of Chicago.
The Illinois Independent Tax Tribunal started a year and a half ago to mediate disputes between taxpayers and the Illinois Department of Revenue.
The audit has found the court hasn't opened a Sangamon County office as required by law. It also says the court refused to hire a reporter or clerk, two positions it was supposed to fill.

An error by the Illinois Department of Revenue means local taxing districts that receive disbursements from a personal property-tax replacement fund must repay an estimated $168 million to the state.

An Illinois appeals court decision is reopening a statewide dispute over whether hospitals should be exempt from paying property taxes worth millions of dollars to local governments.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) - The Illinois Department of Revenue says taxpayers will have to wait until after March 1 to receive income tax refunds.

The department says the delay is because of efforts to stop fraud. The department says it's not because of the state budget impasse.

 State Revenue Director Connie Beard says in a statement the delay of a few weeks will let the department "better detect attempts at identity theft and ensure taxpayer refunds do not fall needlessly into hands of criminals." 

A southern Illinois county is the latest local government to sue the state over unpaid bills amid a budget impasse.

Williamson County is suing the state Comptroller, and the Department of Revenue. The suit seeks funding for the salaries of the State's Attorney, Lead Public Defender, and Supervisor of Assessments. 

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Gov. Bruce Rauner has extended tax return deadlines for residents affected by last week's tornado and severe weather in parts of DeKalb and Ogle counties. Victims of the tornado will now have until October 31 to file tax returns due Wednesday. The extension is meant to provide relief to individuals and local businesses trying to file returns or payments while recovering from the storms. Rauner says the devastated communities should be focusing on recovery instead of deadlines.

Your state tax refund could take longer to come in than usual.   Security measures designed to prevent tax fraud are causing Illinois taxpayers to wait longer for their refund. 

Illinois residents shouldn't expect speedy state income tax refunds this year. The Illinois Department of Revenue says they'll be delayed by new security measures being implemented to deter identity theft and fraud.

The state of Illinois' Department of Revenue has new rules this year to target the collection of sales taxes from out-of-state businesses. The new rules took effect Jan. 1 expand the definition of out-of-state retailers that must register in Illinois and collect sales taxes.

Auto dealers push for change in law on car leasing

Nov 4, 2013

Auto dealers in Illinois are pushing for a change in the law on car leasing. Supporters of the plan say it would lower the cost of a lease, in some cases by sixty dollars a month. IPR'S Brian Mackey has more:

Under current law, when you lease a car, there's a good chance the company is collecting sales tax on the full value of the vehicle. Those companies, however, through a complicated system of dealer credits, might only pass on a portion of that to state tax collectors.  

Peoria gas station operator charged with tax fraud

Aug 2, 2013

A state effort cracking-down on gas station operators for tax fraud has netted charges for a Peoria man.