Illinois Emergency Management Agency

An Illinois agency says a YouTube glitch was responsible for pornographic footage that was tacked onto a video promoting a state training summit.  In late August, The Illinois Emergency Management Agency scrambled to disable the video. The agency's chief of staff ordered an investigation into how the salacious footage was added. 

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As officials warn coastal residents to get out of Hurricane Matthew's path, Illinois elections officials are putting out a notice of their own.  The Illinois National Guard hasn't been activated to help.  Nor has the Illinois Emergency Management Agency received a request. 

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) - Illinois emergency agency officials say a radioactive container that went missing last fall hasn't been found and they want the company that lost it to pay $25,500 in penalties. 

Authorities started searching for the container in Illinois and Indiana in October after Wayne County Well Surveys Inc. of Fairfield said it couldn't locate the "radioactive well logging source holder."

Measuring Campus Safety

Oct 6, 2015

ELGIN, Ill. - A suburban Chicago community college has been recognized by state officials for completing a campus safety initiative. The Illinois Emergency Management Agency announced on Monday that Elgin Community College received the "Ready to Respond Campus" designation. The goal of the program is to help students, administration and faculty prepare for hazards and emergencies, including campus shootings. To get the status, a college or university has to develop a violence prevention plan and start a campus outreach and education campaign, among other things.

(AP) - Eastern Illinois has a newly formed search and rescue team. Eight new members are going through training now with the Coles County Emergency Management Agency. They'll join 17 current members. Agency deputy director Jim Hilgenberg says the team will continue to grow.

  Victims of landslides in East Peoria two years ago will receive help from the state.   The Illinois Emergency Management Agency has approved a $2 million grant applied for by the city of East Peoria. The money will pay to buy and tear down seven homes that were destroyed and help permanently fix parts of one subdivision. Four of the homes have stood empty since backyards slid down a ravine during heavy rains in April 2013.  East Peoria is facing a federal lawsuit by 29 homeowners impacted by the landslides. Attorney Carl Reardon is representing the homeowners.

An Illinois agency says it's still trying to determine what assistance might be available to victims of a deadly tornado that struck northern Illinois earlier this month.

Severe weather predictions have prompted Illinois emergency officials to ask residents to be prepared if storm warnings are issued.

Local officials say if congress doesn’t reach an agreement to fund the Department of Homeland Security it could hurt the area’s disaster preparedness.  Michael Masters heads Cook County’s Department of Homeland Security.

It's a new college recruitment tool: a logo that certifies a school as "Campus Ready" for an emergency; be it a natural disaster, or a violent situation, like a shooting.

The bombings yesterday in Boston has put security agencies on higher alert.  In Illinois, authorities say there have been no specific threats made.   Illinois Public Radio's Sean Crawford spoke with the state's Emergency Management Agency Director Jonathon Monken about efforts here.