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There are six Democrats considering a run for Illinois Governor and the chance go mano-e-mano with Republican incumbent Bruce Rauner.  On Monday, Cook County Democratic Party bosses heard from each of them in turn as they asked for the party’s endorsement.


A state senator from the Chicago suburb of Evanston is joining the race for Illinois governor.

Several months after first being mentioned as a possible candidate for governor of Illinois, Cheri Bustos has decided against it. Monday the congresswoman from East Moline and the 17th District said she will run for re-election next year instead.

A southwest Illinois school official says he plans to seek the Democratic nomination for governor in 2018. Robert Daiber is the Madison County regional superintendent of schools.  He says the state faces a real financial crisis, including the ongoing budget impasse, and the governor's chief responsibility is to submit a spending plan. He says his candidacy will focus on compromising collaboration.

Rauner Brings in Mediator to Help Strike a Deal

Feb 10, 2017

Bruce Rauner says an undisclosed third party tried to help strike a budget deal between the Illinois governor and his main political rival - House Speaker Michael Madigan.  Governor Rauner was asked this morning whether he’s tried a mediator with Democratic House Speaker Madigan.  Rauner says he did bring in someone who...

Democratic businessman Chris Kennedy said Wednesday he will run for Illinois governor in 2018, bringing the instant name recognition of his family's political legacy to what will likely be a sharply contested race to unseat Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner.  

In an email and video sent to supporters, Kennedy said he's running because Illinois is heading ``in the wrong direction.''  

Billionaire businessman JB Pritzker says he hates that money has become so important in politics.  Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner has said he’d run for a second term.  Last month, the wealthy Republican governor put $50 million of his own money into his campaign fund.  And that’s left some Democrats wondering if they’re going to need a wealthy candidate to run against him - and JB Pritzker is one of the possible names on the list.

Chicago Alderman Announces Candidacy for Governor

Jan 3, 2017

A Chicago alderman says he’s running for Illinois governor.

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Illinois Republicans are already attacking a possible Democratic candidate for governor who hasn’t even announced if he’s running.

An ad made by the Illinois Republican Party focuses on former Governor Rod Blagojevich being secretly recorded by federal agents - wondering aloud if JB Pritzker would help him.

Pritzker is not on the call - and was never accused of wrongdoing.

Pritzker - along with several other Democrats - have said they’re thinking of running for governor in 2018. But nobody has officially declared their candidacy.

A week from today,  July 1, marks a shameful anniversary for Illinois.   It will mean the state has gone a full year without a complete budget.  But how long can this go on?     

As the Illinois government budget stalemate continues, Democrats are thinking about who might challenge Governor Bruce Rauner in 2018.   Among the Democrats who might be interested are former governor Pat Quinn.  He lost all but one of Illinois' 102 counties to Rauner two years ago, but has lately made a public push to get back into politics. 

A suburban Chicago man is accused of using voicemail to threaten Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner.  The Kane County state's attorney's office says Jesse M. Kuzma of Elgin called the governor's Office of Constituent Affairs last week and left a voicemail saying, "If I ever see you, consider this your death threat." 

Bruce Rauner takes pride in not being like any of Illinois' previous governors.  A multimillionaire in his first public office, the former businessman stops at bars in the state capital and orders a lowbrow Stag beer. It's not unusual for him to be the worst-dressed man in a room.  

Gov. Bruce Rauner says he's taken steps to improve Illinois during his first year in office, but the job "is nowhere near complete."

CHICAGO (AP) - Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has left the country for the holidays, but his staff won't say where he went or even why they don't want to disclose his whereabouts. Spokeswoman Catherine Kelly says the wealthy businessman-turned-governor left the U.S. last weekend for a two-week vacation with family. She said he's paying for the trip himself and plans to return to Illinois on Jan. 3. She declined to comment further. It's not unusual for the Republican to keep his whereabouts secret despite pre-election pledges of transparency.

You might think that with the state of Illinois’ finances in flames, the top legislative leaders would be in constant meetings with the governor. You might think they were working around the clock to hammer out a compromise. You might think that, but you would be wrong.

Bruce Rauner's campaign spent at least 65 million dollars to win the governor's office.  State election authorities are looking into whether he missed a deadline to report some of that fundraising success.

And now we continue our look at Bruce Rauner’s first 100 days in office as Illinois governor.  We wanted to better understand the politicians’ playbook when it comes to negotiations.  It comes as leaders in the Statehouse are starting to turn their attention on spending more than 30 billion dollars next year.  IPR’s Tony Arnold takes this look at the politics of negotiating a budget.

Rauner supports Kirk, is unaware of Iran letter

Mar 13, 2015

As Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner prepares to support the re-election of US Senator Mark Kirk, the governor says he’s not familiar with a controversial letter to Iran signed by his Republican ally. 

Rauner fights prison crowding

Feb 11, 2015

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is doubling down on his pledge to cut the state’s prison population by 25 percent.  Today, Rauner signed an executive order creating a commission tasked with finding ways to trim more than 12 thousand prisoners from the rolls in the next 10 years.  

Since his election in November, Governor Bruce Rauner has expressed surprise about what he says he's "discovering" in the state's budget. As it turns out, Rauner has been setting himself up to ask for special budgeting powers.

Despite a decline in unemployment in the past year, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner says changes are needed to prevent the loss of jobs in the state.   

Brian Mackey

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner laid out an ambitious, pro-business agenda Thursday during his first State of the State address. The Republican was addressing a legislature that’s still dominated by Democrats, and the reaction was mixed.

The Center for Public Integrity says Illinois' new governor is one of the "sugar daddies of states politics." 

Illinois Lottery management company under review

Jan 26, 2015

The management of Illinois’ lottery is under legal review.  Illinois’ lottery is run by a private company named Northstar. And Northstar is part of a partnership made up of two large gambling companies that run lottos around the world.

Governor Bruce Rauner is okay, after he was involved in a car accident Wednesday in Chicago. Gov. Rauner's motorcade was stopped at a red light on E. Randolph Street in Chicago, when two cars got into accident in front of him in the intersection, at Michigan Avenue. 

Quinn rallys in Chicago before election

Nov 3, 2014

The top candidates for Illinois governor are running around the state today ahead of tomorrow’s election.   Governor Pat Quinn held a rally on the South Side of Chicago.

Rauner makes the rounds before election day

Nov 3, 2014

It’s the final countdown to Election Day and the candidates are crisscrossing Illinois.   Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner makes his first stop of the day Lou Mitchell’s restaurant on Chicago’s near west side.  The diner is no stranger to political guests.

Quinn and Rauner disagree on flight bans

Oct 28, 2014

The candidates for Illinois Governor are disagreeing over the best way to protect citizens from Ebola.  Republican Bruce Rauner says he wants flights from three African countries to be banned from flying into Illinois.  And that Democratic Governor Pat Quinn should, too.

Rauner reveals education initiatives

Sep 8, 2014

Bruce Rauner says he’ll be a “warrior” for education policy. The Republican candidate for Illinois governor revealed some new initiatives he’d take up if he wins in November’s election.