Illinois Governor Pat Quinn

Governor-elect Bruce Rauner has announced his choice for Illinois' next comptroller.

A new law increasing juror stipends and reducing jury sizes in civil cases is drawing mixed reviews from criminal justice experts. 

Quinn responds to air traffic control fire

Sep 26, 2014

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn says state police are helping investigate what happened at an air traffic control center in Chicago’s western suburbs today. Authorities say a fire at the facility was deliberately set by a contract employee.

Latest Poll Numbers on Gov's Race

Sep 22, 2014

  A new poll shows Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is gaining ground

on his Republican challenger Bruce Rauner.  

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn says the National Football League has been putting profits ahead of doing what’s right on domestic violence. And his campaign is trying to make it an issue in his bid for re-election. IPR's Patrick Smith has more.

The NFL and its commissioner are under fire for mishandling the situation around player Ray Rice who was caught on video assaulting his then-fiancee. Quinn addressed the issue Wednesday outside a Women’s Empowerment Event at the McCormick Center in Chicago:

The term limits initiative remains caught up in legal proceedings with just days left to get it on the November Ballot. An appellate court has yet to issue an opinion.

Chris Christie campaiging for Rauner

Jul 25, 2014

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is in Chicago Friday to campaign for his fellow Republican Bruce Rauner. Rauner is running for Illinois governor against Democratic incumbent Pat Quinn.

Rauner and Quinn disagree on minimum wage

Jul 17, 2014


The candidates for Illinois governor are again bickering over the state’s minimum wage. A referendum will ask voters this Fall whether the minimum wage should go up to 10 dollars an hour.

A legislative hearing convened to probe a troubled anti-violence program run by Governor Pat Quinn is underway in Chicago.

A new law will automatically clear certain arrest records for juveniles when they turn 18. It’s meant to keep arrests that did not result in criminal charges from following kids into adulthood. IPR's Brian Mackey has more.

The law applies only to arrests for lesser crimes, mostly non-violent. Sex offenses and top felonies will stay on the books, as will any arrest that resulted in formal criminal charges.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is expected to take action Monday on a bill that cuts the retirement benefits of thousands of City of Chicago employees, and could lead to higher property taxes.

Tanya Koonce / Peoria Public Radio

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is traveling the state touting his budget proposal to double collegiate MAP Grant funding over five years. Quinn’s stops Wednesday included Bradley University in Peoria and Western Illinois University in Macomb.

State Budget Address delayed amid expected cuts

Feb 5, 2014

Illinois lawmakers Wednesday gave Governor Pat Quinn an extra month to figure out the state budget. He hastily signed the delay into law.

Republicans charge Quinn is playing politics. But as Brian Mackey reports, the looming cuts are something hardly anyone seems eager to talk about.


Illinois pension reform is law

Dec 5, 2013

A major overhaul of Illinois' pensions is now law. Governor Pat Quinn held a private bill-signing ceremony Thursday in Chicago. A court challenge seeking to stop it from taking effect is certain. 

Quinn continues fight to block lawmakers' pay

Sep 27, 2013

A judge says Governor Pat Quinn went too far this summer when he blocked paychecks for Illinois lawmakers. Members of the General Assembly have missed two paydays so far, and it's not clear when they'll get their money.