Trump Spurs Gill's Decision to Run For Congress

Mar 7, 2017

David Gill says he’s running again for Congress next year, and President Trump is the reason why.  The Bloomington Democrat says his problems with Trump go beyond disagreements over policy, and concern the nation’s core values.

David Gill's fourth bid for Congress almost didn't happen. The Bloomington emergency room physician had turned in more than 11,600 petition signatures to the Illinois Board of Elections to run as an independent in Illinois' winding 13th district.

A Bloomington man running for Congress has successfully sued to keep his name on the ballot.

David Gill is running as an independent, and failed to file the number of valid signatures required by Illinois law.

That number is much higher than it would be if he were running as a Democrat or Republican, and a federal judge on Thursday ruled that Gill must remain on the ballot.

Gill Fights To Remain On Ballot As Independent

Aug 25, 2016

Illinois makes running for office much harder for candidates who file as independents than those who identify as Democrats and Republicans. As Brian Mackey reports, that law is being challenged in federal court.

David Gill’s campaign gathered more than 8,000 valid signatures for his independent run for Congress. Although that was way more than the Democrat and Republican had to collect, it wasn’t enough.

In his lawsuit, Gill argues the higher signature requirement is all about protecting the major parties from competition.

Four time Congressional Candidate runs for 13th district

Apr 30, 2015

Four time Democratic Congressional Candidate David Gill says he's tired of the flaws of both Democratic and Republican Parties. His fifth run for Congress will be as an independent.

Amanda Vinicky / Illinois Public Radio

Even as a redistricting campaign celebrates submitting its petition to get on the November ballot, the effort is already under legal attack.