Illinois courts are considering if a state law that allows judges to limit teen defendants' social media postings unfairly restricts defendants' First Amendment freedoms.

Judges will be encouraged to prescribe longer sentences for repeat gun offenders under a plan signed into law by Gov. Bruce Rauner. 

The Illinois agency reviewing complaints against judges has a growing backlog of cases. 

Rauner outlines Illinois' biggest problems

Jan 22, 2015

Governor Bruce Rauner is outlining what he sees as Illinois’ biggest problems. He picked an usual setting today to make his case. The governor spoke to a group of business school students.

Judges left out of pension conversation

May 24, 2013

Illinois lawmakers remain at odds over how to handle the state's 100 billion dollars of pension debt. But there's a chance that this spring the General Assembly may finally do something about it. After years of no major action, there are not one, but two major packages designed to reign in Illinois' retirement costs.  The House and Senate passed competing plans.  Both of them seek to save Illinois money by cutting current and retired government workers' benefits.