juvenile detention

Records have been provided to a psychiatrist preparing the mental evaluation of an Illinois student accused of shooting a classmate in the high school cafeteria.

An Illinois judge has ordered mental evaluations for a freshman high school student charged in the shooting of another student.

Some reformers say Illinois' minimum age for juvenile detention needs to go up.


Four guards at a juvenile detention center in suburban Chicago have been indicted for allegedly encouraging detainees to attack fellow detainees as a form of discipline.  Kane County state's attorney's office says the guards at the Illinois Youth Center-St. Charles are accused of victimizing 10 individuals in January this year. 

A spokeswoman for Bruce Rauner says the Illinois governor is studying new uses for the Kewanee youth detention center after it closes. Rauner wants to close Kewanee because there are 420 youthful offenders in a system with 1,000 beds.

A legislative leader says Gov. Bruce Rauner's proposal to close the Kewanee youth correctional center is a chance to reduce "warehousing" young people. 

Two hundred jobs could soon be lost in Kewanee. Friday the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice announced the closing of the youth correctional facility by July first, saying the closing will save money, improve rehabilitation for young offenders, and improve community safety.  

The youth prison opened in 2001 and several years ago, improvements were made to house maximum security offenders. Its overall capacity is 350, but last year it housed an average of 180 young people.
The department says the current count is just 95.


Gov. Bruce Rauner's administration says closing the Kewanee youth correctional facility would save up to $14-million next year for improved programming for young offenders. 

Worst youth prison getting worse

Mar 26, 2015
Peoria Public Radio

Experts say Illinois’ most troubled youth prison isn’t getting any better despite repeated assurances from state officials. 

Cook County leaders are sending the state of Illinois a big bill. They want the state to pay them back for the money they spend holding state wards in juvenile jail after a judge has said they’re free to go.  

Illinois lawmakers continue to negotiate a bill to ban minors from receiving life sentences in prison. It comes nearly a year after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the practice unconstitutional.