North Chicago

GREAT LAKES, Ill. - North Chicago could soon be home to the country's first museum dedicated to enlisted sailors.

Failing schools and state intervention

Oct 15, 2014

If you ask Illinois residents what’s most important to them and their families, education is often at the top of the list. So it’s no surprise that citizens expect high educational standards from government and solid financing. But most people prefer their state involvement at arm's length. As part of our HeyGov series about government’s role in the lives of voters, we look at a little-known muscle the state can flex, right in your school district.   

Bet you didn’t know that the state of Illinois has the power to take over your local schools. As in, fire school board members, even those you and your neighbors voted for. As in put a new superintendent in place.

Chicago could toughen ban on assault weapons

Jul 15, 2013

Chicago’s City Council could toughen its ban on so-called assault weapons this week.