Lisa Napoli / Facebook

Author and public broadcaster Lisa Napoli is speaking on her book “Ray and Joan” tonight at the Peoria Public Library Main Branch. Napoli has studied the McDonald’s founder Ray and his philanthropic wife Joan Kroc for the last five years before the release of her book late last year. Napoli says it’s a great story with Illinois and Peoria roots.

Ted Radio Hour's Guy Raz Launches New Podcast

Oct 6, 2016
Brad Horn

Many Peoria Public Radio listeners know Guy Raz from the TED Radio Hour.  He’s also served as weekend host of All Things Considered, NPR defense correspondent, and bureau chief in both London and Berlin.  Now, he’s hosting a new NPR podcast called How I Built This, featuring conversations with the founders of some of the world’s best known companies.

Going Greene: NPR host to launch series from Peoria

Apr 6, 2016
David Gilkey / NPR / 2015

Wisconsin, Iowa and New Hampshire tend to garner headlines during presidential primary season. But the state of Illinois remains most representative of the national electorate when it comes to age, race, education, income and religion. 

NPR’s David Greene visits Peoria Public Radio

Apr 3, 2014

David Greene, Morning Edition Co-Anchor and NPR Correspondent, was in Peoria Thursday as the featured speaker during the Second Annual Peoria Public Radio Gala.  He’s here to speak with Peoria Public Radio members, and share his experiences traveling and reporting on important issues across the country and overseas.  But first he took some time on All Things Considered with Alex Rusciano to chat a bi