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The city of Chicago has filed a federal lawsuit against three distributors of opioids citing "unlawful and unfettered" distribution of the drugs in the city.
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced the lawsuit Tuesday. If follows litigation the city filed in 2014 against opioid manufacturers. Emanuel says the city wants to "end irresponsible practices and hold companies accountable for their deceptive actions."

The Macon County State's Attorney's office plans to have a prosecutor specifically dedicated to dealing with opioid cases.

Two medical universities are teaming up to study how the opioid epidemic is affecting southern Illinois.

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Law enforcement agencies and health centers in central Illinois are scrambling to address the opioid epidemic.  DeWitt County Sheriff Jered Shofner says heroin is the area's top public safety threat. Shofner's office is among six agencies that make up the Illinois State Police Task Force 6 narcotics unit. 

County Sues Abbott Laboratories for Drug Addiction

Apr 20, 2017

A county in Southern Illinois beset by drug addiction is suing Chicago-area Abbott Laboratories for its alleged role in the opioid epidemic.  The lawsuit claims drug manufacturers Abbott Laboratories and Purdue Pharma knew prescription opioids were addictive - but aggressively marketed them anyway.  St. Clair County State’s Attorney Brendan Kelly filed the lawsuit today.