People in Illinois now have a faster, easier way to find out if the state is holding any of their unclaimed cash or property.

The Peoria City Council will vote on property and motor fuel tax hikes Thursday night, among other increases.  It's part of a plan to put more than $5 million in new revenue for roads:

Illinois Democrats and Governor Bruce Rauner remain at a standstill over a new state budget. On Monday, the Governor tweaked a property tax freeze proposal to include increased state funding for struggling schools. Jenna Dooley has more on how the plan could affect homeowners:

Peoria School District 150 is suing Exposition Gardens amid a property dispute.  District 150 uses part of Expo Gardens’ property for Northmoore Primary School’s parking lot, bus driver parking and Richwoods High School event parking. In exchange, Expo gardens can use Richwoods Stadium at no charge during its Heart of Illinois Fair.  But the District says Expo Gardens wants to charge high rent rates to use the property and threatened to cut off access. District 150 is seeking a preliminary injunction to avoid disruption of its operations in court next wee

The City of Peoria is looking for a development team to handle the city-owned parking lot next to the historic Madison Theater.  The move follows failed negotiations between the city and the Comfort family through NXG Developments. 

The Illinois Senate Tuesday approved a measure to completely change how the state's public schools are funded. The plan would shift state resources from schools with more property tax wealth to more impoverished areas. But that shift of resources creates winners and losers. Senator Dale Righter, a Republican from Mattoon, says he cannot vote to create "losers" ... even if his area would benefit from the change.

Quinn weighs-in on property tax issue

Apr 28, 2014

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn says he thinks he knows how homeowners could avoid higher property taxes.

District 150 approves labor deal, buying properties

Mar 10, 2014

The District 150 School Board approved an agreement with the West Central Building & Construction Trades Council. 

Federal flood damage assessments in IL

Apr 29, 2013
Illinois Department of Transportation, District Four

Federal officials started to assess the damage to Illinois homes and businesses Monday from the recent floods.  The head of Illinois’ Emergency Management Agency says the state wants tens of millions of dollars from the federal government to help pay for flood damage.  Governor Pat Quinn says homeowners and businesses who suffered flood damage could qualify for loans to get back some of the money spent on clean-up. “It’s important that we assess all of the expenses and the damage that occurred because of the floods.