Uncertainty following Rauner appointment changes

Jan 14, 2015

There’s some uncertainty about who will be leading several state groups under Governor Bruce Rauner. He’s undone the appointments of more than a hundred people from the previous governor. 

Quinn gives one of final speeches as governor

Jan 6, 2015

Pat Quinn is preparing to end his term as Illinois governor next week. He gave one of his final speeches to a friendly crowd in Chicago Tuesday.  

Governor Pat Quinn has signed new eavesdropping restrictions for Illinois after the old law was declared unconstitutional by the Illinois Supreme Court. 

While Gov. Pat Quinn granted 179 clemency petitions in time for Christmas Day, thousands of other applicants are awaiting word during the outgoing Democrat's final weeks in office.  


Democratic Governor Pat Quinn has chosen longtime friend Jerry Stermer -- his former chief of staff and current budget director -- to take over as Illinois' Comptroller.

Before State Senator Mike Frerichs is sworn in as Illinois' treasurer next month, he's got a few more votes to cast as a legislator. But Frerichs doesn't think one of them will be for extending the 2011 temporary income tax increase.  

Quinn makes first public appearance since conceding

Nov 11, 2014

In his first public appearance since conceding in his bid for re-election, Governor Pat Quinn attended a Veteran's Day ceremony in Chicago.  

Quinn concedes Governor’s race to Rauner

Nov 5, 2014

Governor Pat Quinn has conceded his campaign for re-election to Republican Bruce Rauner.  Rauner defeated the Democratic incumbent by five percentage points, declaring victory Tuesday night. Quinn said he wanted to make sure all the votes were counted.  He says that happened Wednesday:

An in-depth talk about I-DOT monitor issue

Oct 22, 2014

Illinois government has long been seen as a place where people with political connections could get a taxpayer-funded job.  

Quinn, Rauner square-off in second debate

Oct 15, 2014

Governor Pat Quinn and challenger Bruce Rauner continue to battle over what’s best for Illinois’ future.  The top candidates have faced off in two televised debates. 

A trial in a Florida bankruptcy court could have implications in the campaign for Illinois governor. 

Quinn, Rauner fight over taxes

Sep 29, 2014

The candidates for Illinois governor are sparring over taxes.

Latest on the patronage scandal in Illinois

Sep 24, 2014

Dozens of state employees will hold onto their jobs for at least another month, while a court case seeking to prevent their being laid off continues. It's part of a patronage scandal that's playing out ahead of the November election.

Can a governor really create jobs?

Sep 17, 2014

Governor Pat Quinn can’t say enough about “jobs” and how his policies are creating more of them. His Republican challenger, Bruce Rauner, argues Quinn is Illinois’ greatest obstacle to job creation … and says HIS policies would heal the state’s ailing economy. But can a governor really create jobs? IPR’s Brian Mackey set out to answer that question in the latest Illinois Issues magazine. He brings us this report.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is dealing with a second round of federal subpoenas tied to the mismanaged Neighborhood Recovery Initiative.  IPR's Patrick Smith has more. 

Governor Pat Quinn traveled the state Wednesday, stopping in local diners to make the case for raising the minimum wage in Illinois. That included a stop at the Peoria McDonald's on Main Street. Quinn is halfway through a week on the "minimum wage challenge."

Rauner attacks Quinn on veteran stance

Sep 2, 2014

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner is going after Democratic Governor Pat Quinn's record on veterans.

Quinn defends at-risk program amid criticism

Aug 12, 2014

Governor Pat Quinn's administration defends spending millions on a program to help at-risk youth, but Republicans are suspicious.  They say it looks like another incarnation of a different program that's under investigation by federal prosecutors.  

A Central Illinois health clinic opened its new headquarters in Peoria Friday. The Heartland Community health Clinic is a federally-qualified center serving low-income or disadvantaged residents. The new building opened with the help of a $500,000 state grant. Governor Pat Quinn says the clinic’s preventative services can benefit the state as more Illinois residents sign-up for health care coverage:

Quinn, Rauner spar on 'patriotism'

Aug 5, 2014

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is questioning the patriotism of his Republican opponent in this November’s election.  But Bruce Rauner’s campaign calls that criticism shameful. IPR’s Tony Arnold reports.

Quinn signs law expanding EpiPen administrators

Jul 30, 2014

School kids with food allergies can have their medication administered by someone other than a school nurse. As IPR’s Hannah Meisel reports, the governor signed a law Wednesday so that students won't have to wait for help.

Schools across Illinois increasingly don't have the funds to employ a full-time nurse. But under a 2011 law that allowed the use of epinephrine in schools for kids with food allergies, nurses were the only ones allowed to administer the drug, frequently given as a shot via EpiPen. Without a school nurse, kids are often sent to the emergency room, taking time and putting them at risk.

Governor Pat Quinn now has the support of the two statewide teachers unions. The Illinois Federation of Teachers endorsed Quinn Wednesday, despite the union's opposition to Quinn's ideas for pension changes.

Rauner: I followed law on taxes

Jul 11, 2014

Bruce Rauner, the Republican nominee for Illinois governor, says he followed the letter of the law when filing his taxes. But he won't say whether it was fair. 

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is willing to provide back-up for the Chicago Police Department. More than 50 people were shot in Chicago over the long holiday weekend.  

Illinois bans police ticket quotas

Jun 16, 2014

Police in Illinois can no longer be required to meet quotas for issuing tickets. Governor Pat Quinn Sunday signed legislation prohibiting the practice. 

Quinn, Rauner make their case with business leaders

May 7, 2014

The two men dueling to be Illinois' next governor tried Wednesday to win over business leaders with their plans for the state's finances. They both made appearances before a joint meeting of Illinois' retailers and manufacturers, in Springfield.  

Lawmakers question anti-violence program

May 6, 2014

Illinois lawmakers continue to shine a light on a troubled anti-violence program once touted by Governor Pat Quinn. Tuesday, a legislative panel voted to give itself subpoena power. 

Quinn weighs-in on property tax issue

Apr 28, 2014

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn says he thinks he knows how homeowners could avoid higher property taxes.

Quinn releases 2013 tax returns

Apr 21, 2014

Governor Pat Quinn's has released his 2013 tax returns. 

IL cost to lease cars might go down

Apr 21, 2014

The cost of leasing an automobile in Illinois should be going down. At least, that's what's supposed to happen under legislation the governor signed into law Monday.