A proposal could give more Illinois voters a chance to lower their property taxes.

Tanya Koonce

The Tazewell County Auditor is planning a run for the office next door, so to speak. Republican Shelly Hranka says she’ll run for the County Clerk’s office.

Former Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn says a voter referendum aimed at imposing term limits on Chicago's mayor and creating a consumer advocacy position won't make the November ballot.    
Quinn told The Associated Press he's short of the roughly 53,000 signatures required by a Monday deadline. The Democrat says his goal is to get 100,000 and he's got roughly 20,000.

A question on the November ballot will ask Illinois voters if insurers should be required to cover birth control as part of their prescription coverage. As IPR's Amanda Vinicky reports, that's something Illinois already does. 

Voters will get to weigh in, but Illinois law won't change whatever the result of the referendum; it's non-binding. 

Voters will get to weigh in on whether Illinois should raise its minimum wage for adults to 10 dollars an hour. Governor Pat Quinn approved the ballot question Sunday, and as IPR'S Brian Mackey reports, he wasted no time campaigning on the issue.

The question is just advisory. Lawmakers don’t have to heed the people’s advice, but supporters of the increase say they hope it’ll pressure reluctant legislators to go along.

House Speaker Michael Madigan wants voters to weigh in on his so-called "millionaires' tax" at the November elections. The referendum would ask if income greater than a million dollars should be taxed an additional three percent, with the money going to schools.

The question of whether to extend Illinois' temporary income tax increase has dominated the spring legislative session. Tuesday, Republicans are saying the question ought to be put to voters this fall. 

Two rural school districts consider consolidation

May 13, 2014

As rural populations and state school funding decline, small school districts in Illinois look at consolidation as an option for survival. Few districts actually go through with the idea. But it could happen this year in south Vermilion County. Last month, school boards for that area’s two smallest districts, Catlin and Jamaica, approved a consolidation referendum for the November ballot. Illinois Public Radio’s Jim Meadows reports.

When the buzzer sounds at Jamaica High School in rural Vermilion County, the next classroom is usually just a short walk down the hall.