Rep. Greg Harris

Lawmakers question whether reimbursement rates in an expanded managed care health plan will be sufficient to keep insurers providing service.

Gov. Bruce Rauner's health care chief says a $63 billion Medicaid managed care program will save up to $300 million a year because of the competitive process providers had to undergo. 

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CHICAGO (AP) - An Illinois lawmaker has filed legislation aimed at keeping dangerous mentally ill people and anyone convicted of felonies or domestic violence from having guns.

Rep. Greg Harris' bill also would ban people on the FBI's terrorist watch list from getting firearms. 

The Chicago Democrat says not letting people who are severely mentally ill or on the terror watch list own weapons "just makes sense." 

Gov. Bruce Rauner has cut back on institutional care available to seniors.   The Governor used an amendatory veto to reduce the cost of the measure aimed at protecting people who get institutional or at-home care while officials develop a new way of measuring need.