The Republicans in Illinois' congressional delegation are asking President Trump not to grant former Gov. Rod Blagojevich clemency.

Illinois House Republicans are lashing out at a Democratic suggestion that the state should adopt a graduated income tax.

Two Illinois Congressmen talked bi-partisan politics and policy Wednesday at Bradley University. The Institute for Principled Leadership and Dirksen Congressional Center sponsored the event. 

Gov. Bruce Rauner is seeking "common ground" with Republicans on divisive issues after barely surviving an insurgent challenge in Tuesday's election.

Senate Democrats blasted Gov. Bruce Rauner's administration for failing to appear to answer questions about a report showing a possible fix for a veterans' home beset by Legionnaires' disease would cost far less than what officials have repeatedly said.

The field of Democrats vying for the chance to replace U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez is narrowing. 

Court Ruling Makes Life Easier for Political Third Parties

Oct 2, 2017

Political third parties in Illinois recently won a victory in court. The new change would make it easier to get on the ballot. 

A political cartoon circulated by a conservative Illinois think tank with ties to Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner has triggered accusations of racism and insensitivity in the wake of the deadly rally attack in Virginia.

Republican state legislators from around Chicago are pitching a plan to repeal the new sweetened beverage tax in Cook County. 

The sponsor of a plan overhauling how Illinois funds schools says Gov. Bruce Rauner's proposed changes are an "all-out assault" on public education that would mean less state spending on schools over time.  

Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan says Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner's veto of a school funding bill is choosing "crisis over compromise."

Democrats aren't planning on having a rally at this year's Illinois State Fair, foregoing a decades-long tradition.

Republicans in the Illinois Senate have elected Sen. Bill Brady to serve as the chamber's minority leader.

House Speaker Michael Madigan says he will call a $36.5 billion spending plan for a vote Friday while Democrats and Republicans continue to negotiate tangential issues crucial to a state budget deal with Gov. Bruce Rauner. 

The House has approved legislation to revamp the workers' compensation system and pension programs and to make it easier for superfluous units of local government to be consolidated or eliminated.

The state budget impasse could affect the accreditation of Illinois universities, which are already facing a funding cut under the recently proposed budget.

Illinois Republicans have presented what they're calling a "compromise" budget and reform plan to end the state's nearly three-year budget impasse.

Illinois' two Democratic U.S. senators are taking steps to ensure they have a voice in choosing the state's new U.S. attorneys. 

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner continues to demand legislators lower what businesses have to pay for injured workers. House Democrats scheduled a hearing on the subject today, and yet Rauner's fellow Republicans wanted nothing to do with it.

Rauner Releases Tax Returns

Nov 11, 2016

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner made $188 million last year.  That’s according to tax returns released today.  Rauner’s income this year was more than 3 times the $58 million he made last year.  He earned his fortune as a venture capitalist before taking office in 2014.  

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After record-breaking spending on state legislative races… Democrats will retain control of both the Illinois House and Senate.  That’s even after Republicans picked up at least seven seats.  In the Senate, Republicans flipped two seats, including the one long held by Democrat Gary Forby in far southern Illinois.  Senate Democrats, however, will maintain their veto-proof majority.

Republican Illinois U.S. Senator Mark Kirk says he can still win re-election next month, even as he calls for his party’s presidential nominee to quit the race.  Kirk originally said he’d support the Republican Party’s nominee for president.  But over time, he’s criticized Donald Trump.  And Trump has criticized Kirk.

The head of Illinois’ Republican Party says he’d like to see Donald Trump criticize Hillary Clinton more at the next debate.  Tim Schneider says Trump can be rude…  But the candidate spent too much time reacting to Clinton’s answers at last night’s debate - and not bringing up things like Benghazi, or Clinton’s emails.

A Party Divided: Where Does the GOP Go From Here?

Jul 22, 2016
DonkeyHotey / Flickr

Republicans returning to Illinois from the Republican National Convention remain divided despite a week that was supposed to bring unity. Trump delegates are wary of the Illinois Republican Party which has been slow to embrace their candidate. While those in the party tried to argue Trump supporters would be more successful if they embraced the party structure. Illinois Public Radio’s Tony Arnold and Lauren Chooljian report on where the two sides go from here.





Illinois U.S. Senator Mark Kirk says he hopes his meeting with President Obama’s Supreme Court pick will influence his fellow Republicans.

Senator Kirk did something today in Washington other Republican senators had said they would not do.  Kirk had a meeting with Judge Merrick Garland, Obama’s pick to replace Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who died in February.

A northern Illinois congressman is NOT throwing his name into consideration for the Speaker of the House, but he does have a few suggestions. Republican Representative Randy Hultgren says before his colleagues pick a leader, they need to be “leadable.”

A budget impasse lingers, but hasn't interrupted politicians' big rallies at the Illinois State Fair.  Democrats will have their chance today... but yesterday was the Republicans' chance. 

At least a dozen Republicans are chasing the party's presidential nomination. But which of them will get a boost from Illinois' new, and privately wealthy, Republican governor?

A group of freshmen Republican legislators is pushing for term limits, saying gridlock in the Illinois Legislature is a sign the status quo isn't working.

After partisan debating over the budget, Democrats and Republicans came together in America's pastime. IPR’s Lisa Ryan reports.