sex offender

A suburban Chicago teen who was questioned by school officials about a sex video he made killed himself just hours after he was called to the dean's office.

A group of convicted child sex offenders is challenging the Illinois law that bans them from parks and schools.

They say key sex offender restrictions are so broad it’s impossible to know what is or isn’t allowed … and that means the laws violate the constitution.

The five anonymous offenders are scheduled to make their case to a federal judge this week. Illinois Public Radio's Patrick Smith reports.

A 24-year-old Peoria man is facing a 35-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to soliciting sex and pornographic images online from women and young girls.  The U.S. attorney's office in Springfield says Jordan D. Salem pleaded guilty this week to production of child pornography while registered as a sex offender.

A psychiatrist has testified that a 35-year-old Bloomington man who has been in a state treatment program for sexually dangerous people since he was 15 is eligible to be released. 

More sex offenders ending up on registries

Mar 25, 2014

Illinois juveniles are committing fewer sex offenses, but more of them are ending up on public sex offender registries.