Evan Vucci / AP Photo

Both political parties have different takes on President Obama’s final State of the Union Address and what it could mean for his legacy.  

Illinois US Senator Dick Durbin calls President Obama’s address the kind given by a man tested by conflict, and served as a rebuttal to much of the rhetoric in the GOP race to succeed him.

And like the president, the Democratic Senator is downplaying the threat ISIS poses on this country’s future.

Mayor Manier reacts to State of Union speech

Jan 29, 2014

Washington, Illinois Mayor Gary Manier was in the nation’s capitol for the State Of The Union last night.  He was the guest of U.S. Senator Mark Kirk. The Central Illinois town was devastated following last November’s tornado. Manier says it was a thrill to see President Obama deliver the speech. But Manier says he was hoping the President would mention the state’s recovery efforts: