Summer Camp Connects Girls to STEM Learning, Careers

Jun 6, 2016
Argonne National Laboratory / Flickr/Creative Commons

Jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are still largely dominated by men, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. That’s the message from organizers of the third annual 4G camp in Peoria. 

The program hopes to attract more women to local careers in STEM by offering early exposure to role models and experiences in those fields.

Organizers say about 40 middle school girls meet with local professionals in STEM fields and do hands-on activities like robotics and programming during the week long camp next month. 

Uthor / Flickr/Creative Commons

Despite a higher unemployment rate this year, Peoria still ranks in the top 20 nationally for graduates in STEM -- or science, technology, engineering and math -- to live. 

That’s the findings of a recent study from the San Francisco-based finance company, Nerd-Wallet. The fourth annual report ranked Peoria 13 out of 330 places nationwide.

It’s a slight decline compared to last year, but he says the city’s relatively low cost of living was significant in its high ranking.  

Robotics regional competition kicks-off in Pekin

Feb 28, 2014

The international FIRST Robotics competition kicked-off today in Pekin. Students in FIRST Robotics build and operate robots from identical boxes of parts with the goal of the robots competing in like tasks against other teams. The Central Illinois regional events includes forty teams from six midwestern states. Tessa Boots is on the high school robots team in O’Fallon, Illinois.  She says you don’t have to be fluent in engineering to compete: