storm damage

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CROSSVILLE, Ill. (AP) - Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner visited the tornado damaged community of Crossville, noting the recovery process in the town of about 750 has begun.

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A northern Illinois man has died after being struck by a tree during a powerful Midwestern storm, raising the death toll for the regional storms to four.  Peoria County's coroner says 31-year-old David A. Johnson of Ottawa died Wednesday of severe head trauma at a Peoria hospital.

The National Weather Service confirms a tornado cut a more than 11-mile path through the city of Pontiac, injuring four people last night, as powerful storms moved across the state.  The tornado was one of at least six tornadoes the weather service says touched down in northern and central Illinois. 

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has asked the federal government to approve disaster assistance for property owners and local governments damaged by early-winter floods.

Residents who have experienced flooding are being warned to watch out for those trying to take advantage.  Damage to homes and businesses can leave individuals in a hurry to get their lives back to normal.   Unfortunately, con artists use that opportunity to scam people. 

The City of Peoria public works department is going through neighborhoods in an effort to complete the first pass of debris pick up from last week’s storm. The city is not using the regular trash pickup schedule because of the varied amount of damage throughout the community.

Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth made her way through storm-ravaged Illinois today, a day after major flooding in some areas of the state.  

Coal City residents continue tornado cleanup

Jul 23, 2015
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One month ago today, residents of Coal City, IL started cleaning up after powerful storms. The village is about an hour south of Chicago. It was hit by tornadoes and severe weather. Glenn Root says the tarps on his roof aren’t enough to keep the damage at bay.

Chicago Bears Volunteer in Wasington IL

Jun 6, 2014

  About twenty members of the Chicago Bears rookie class and the Chairman of the team are working in Washington today. The team members and nearly a hundred other staff and Bears business partners were part of a special flag raising in the City Square. Washington Mayor Gary Manier says the flag they raised flew in Soldiers Field November 17th: 

Train Derailment in northern Peoria County

Apr 28, 2014
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A train derailment in northern Peoria County left more than 40 rail cars off the tracks but no injuries. The Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway train was heading west near the community of Laura, Illinois. The incident came as severe thunderstorms moved through the area. Andy Williams is a spokesman with BNSF. He says no roadways were blocked by the train, and crews are working to clear the two rail lines: