1:56 pm
Fri March 7, 2014

State auditors to oversee Charter Oak ISAT testing

The Illinois State Board of Education is asking a contracted-auditor to oversee annual testing at District 150 Charter Oak Primary School. State board spokeswoman Mary Fergus says most schools are chosen randomly for overseeing how the I-SAT test is given. But Fergus says the current investigation into testing irregularities at Charter Oak prompted the state board to specifically ask that the school be observed.  ISAT testing is currently underway in the district, and ends March 14th. 

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8:03 am
Fri January 24, 2014

IL lawmaker wants to tie welfare to drug testing

Though federal welfare rules allow for drug testing, only a handful of states have actually made it a prerequisite for assistance.

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6:04 pm
Tue January 14, 2014

District 150 defends report alleging cheating

Peoria School District 150 now awaits the state’s review of its report suggesting cheating at Charter Oak Primary school.  The report says special education teachers admitted to inappropriately helping students taking state math and reading tests.  The report also says the principal failed to train teachers on how to give the testing and to report the questionable test results. School Board Attorney Stanley Eisenhammer says the report is inconclusive on why the alleged behavior was carried out:

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9:31 pm
Thu December 12, 2013

District 150 responds to concern about principal placed on leave amid investigation

Peoria School District 150 Superintendent Grenita Lathan says placing a principal on administrative leave is not a disciplinary action.  Charter Oak Primary Principal John Wetterauer is on leave following the discovery of potential cheating on state testing for special education students.  Superintendent Grenita Lathan says in a letter that administrative leave is necessary to ensure an unbiased investigation.

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5:04 pm
Wed December 11, 2013

District 150 preparing report on potential cheating at Charter Oak

The Illinois State Board of Education is waiting on District 150 to send a formal report about potential cheating at Charter Oak Primary School. The District says it discovered quote, ‘potential ‘irregularities’ with the way the Illinois Standard Achievement Test, or I-SAT, exams were given to the 3rd and 4th grade special-education students at the School. Mary Fergus is a spokeswoman with the state board of education. She says they have investigated cases with test scores in the past:

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State News
6:44 am
Wed September 11, 2013

Illinois students underperform on state standardized tests

Newly-released results say Illinois students did not score as well on this year's standardized tests. But as IPR'S Brian Mackey reports, officials say that's because they've made the tests tougher.

Many parents could see scores that say their child is not meeting state standards. The number of students meeting or exceeding Illinois' benchmarks on the Illinois Standards Achievement Test dropped from 82 percent last year to 62 percent this year.

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