A Chicago City Council committee is recommending that the city's police department study devices that will tell officers immediately if motorists were texting when they got into a traffic accident. 

Texting to 911 Now Available in Peoria County

Aug 8, 2016
Cass Herrington / Peoria Public Radio

There’s a new, quieter way to report an emergency in Peoria County. 

On Mon., the Peoria County Emergency Telephone System Board rolled out its new 911 text service. ETSB chairman David Tuttle says it’s a valuable option for those who are unable to speak or hear, and the new service comes at no cost to the county.

“It’s a service provided by the telephone carriers," Tuttle said. "They did all the set up, and they provided all the testing and training, and provided us phones for testing all at no cost.”

The 10th Judicial Circuit Family Violence Coordinating Council offered a special seminar on the use of technology to Bully and Stalk particularly as it relates to young people. 

The sponsor of a plan that would prohibit talking on cell phones while driving says he plans to change it, so first-time violations carry a lesser penalty. The measure would have considered first-time offenses as moving violations. Penalties included a fine AND mention on a criminal record, which could lead to higher insurance rates.