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An Urbana man arrested for burning an American flag last summer has filed a federal lawsuit, seeking to have Illinois’ flag desecration law officially declared unconstitutional.  

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The Illinois Supreme Court has struck down a law meant to help a business expand in Illinois.  The Illinois Constitution says you can’t have laws targeting individual people or businesses. So to get around that, lawmakers will sometimes pass bills that seem general but, wink wink, everyone knows who’s benefiting.

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The Illinois Supreme Court has invalidated a law that gave a property tax exemption to a Moline-based aviation company.  The 6-1 decision declares the 2013 law is unconstitutional "special legislation." It allowed Elliott Aviation to expand at the Quad City International Airport without paying property taxes.

The rejection of Illinois' massive pension law continues to have other legal repercussions.  The state Supreme Court found that the law reducing teachers and state and university employees' retirement benefits is unconstitutional.  

State-employee labor unions have filed a lawsuit to force Gov. Bruce Rauner's administration to pay medical claims for 146-thousand state workers and retirees under self-insurance programs. 

  Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner's budget director says a one-month spending plan proposed by Democrats is "unconstitutional" because it would lead to an unbalanced budget. In a memo to Rauner Wednesday, Tim Nuding says that if the $2.3 billion proposal were applied over the full fiscal year it would spend $4 billion more than Illinois expects in revenue. Nuding's assessment is the clearest indication yet that Rauner - and likely most Republican legislators - won't support the temporary budget when it's called for a vote Wednesday.

The Illinois Supreme Court has struck down legislation that tried to cut retirement benefits for thousands of state workers. 

Attorney General Lisa Madigan's office has asked the Illinois Supreme Court for an expedited hearing of her appeal of a lower court's declaration the state's pension overhaul is unconstitutional.  

Illinois' pension law failed its first test today. However, that's not the end to questions about its constitutionality.

NRA against IL gun restrictions

May 6, 2013