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4:38 pm
Thu October 9, 2014

UIS Faculty Tackles Resolution On Academic Freedom

Credit Peoria Public Radio

On Friday, the Campus Senate of the University of Illinois at Springfield will take up a strongly-worded resolution written in the aftermath of the Board of Trustees' controversial dismissal of Steven Salaita. He's the professor whose job offer at the university's main campus was rescinded after his critical and sometimes profane tweets about the Israeli conflict with Gaza. 

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7:26 am
Thu September 25, 2014

Academic Freedom Expert Doubts Salaita’s Tenure Status

University of Illinois Prof. Emeritus Cary Nelson
Credit Jim Meadows / WILL/Illinois Public Radio

Was Steven Salaita's University of Illinois faculty appointment protected when he posted controversial Twitter posts criticizing Israel? Cary Nelson says yes, but only if Salaita was already protected by tenure.

The  Professor Emeritus in the University of Illinois' Program in Jewish Culture and Society believes Salaita was not protected by tenure, because his tenured faculty appointment had not been finalized by the university board of trustees.

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10:48 am
Wed September 24, 2014

Columbia University law professor discusses Steven Salaita case

Columbia University Law Professor Katherine Franke

The University of Illinois community is still grappling with the case of Steven Salaita, the professor whose job offer was rescinded after he posted inflammatory comments about Israel on Twitter.

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7:12 am
Tue September 23, 2014

Uof I Salaita discussion continues

Supporters of a would-be University of Illinois professor say they're not going to stop protesting a week and a half after the Board of Trustees voted to not hire Steven Salaita. A few dozen of the professor's allies on campus showed up to rally and speak at an Academic Senate meeting Monday.

Fourteen academic departments – all within the humanities – at the U of I's Urbana campus have reaffirmed their votes of no confidence in the campus' chancellor, Phyllis Wise, after she took back Salaita's faculty appointment in August.

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6:27 am
Fri September 19, 2014

Salaita's supporters still hopeful he'll get his U of I teaching job back

Steven Salaita
Credit WILL/Illinois Public Radio

A week after the University of Illinois' Board of Trustees voted to not hire Steven Salaita, the professor's supporters are still hopeful he'll prevail over the school in a legal battle. That includes Columbia Law Professor Katherine Franke, who traveled to Urbana at her own expense Thursday, boycotting an invitation from the University--to lead a discussion on academic freedom.

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6:55 am
Wed September 10, 2014

Prof. Salaita Speaks Publicly For First Time About Losing U of I Position

Professor Steven Salaita addresses a large crowd of supporters at the University YMCA.
Credit Jim Meadows / WILL/Illinois Public Radio

For weeks, all that many people at the University of Illinois Urbana campus had heard from Steven Salaita were the controversial comments he had Tweeted about Israel over the summer --- comments that cost him his U of I faculty appointment. But Salaita broke his silence Tuesday, at a news conference where he said he would fight for reinstatement. Illinois Public Radio's Jim Meadows reports.

Steven Salaita has no shortage of critics, who don’t think his comments about Israel on Twitter or elsewhere are appropriate. But he also has his defenders, including students who staged a mass classroom walkout Tuesday.

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6:01 am
Mon August 25, 2014

U of I explains faculty withdrawl decision

University of Illinois officials say they withdrew the faculty appointment of Stephen Salaita in order to support civility, and that it was not an attack on academic freedom. 

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7:14 am
Wed June 25, 2014

Big Ten leaders issue letter opposing athlete unions, propose reforms

Administrators of all 14 Big Ten schools have asked the NCAA to implement series of reforms to college athletics brought on by a labor dispute at Northwestern University.  

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6:45 am
Wed May 7, 2014

Researchers at the U of I working on new type of medical monitor

An ultrathin, electronic patch with the mechanics of skin, applied to the wrist for EMG and other measurements.
Credit John Rogers / Illinois Public Radio/WILL

Researchers at the University of Illinois are currently working on flexible circuits that can adhere to the skin like a bandage. It would be a less intrusive, more comfortable way of monitoring things like temperature and motion in real time. Illinois Public Radio's Jason Croft has more. 

Picture yourself going into the hospital or doctor’s office. Instead of large or intrusive machines used to monitor your vital signs, a small patch embedded with circuits is attached to your skin. John Rogers is Professor of Material Science and Engineering at the University of Illinois.

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7:25 am
Fri April 25, 2014

Higher ed not keeping up with demand for mental health services

Colleges and universities continue to see growing demand for mental health services. But national data published this month shows budgets and staffing levels for most campus counseling centers aren’t keeping up with that demand. Illinois Public Radio’s Ryan Weber reports on the effect it’s having on students in the final story of our series, “Unmet Needs: Living with Mental Illness in Central Illinois.”  

University of Illinois student Hann Lindahl started to develop her anxiety in high school. It went untreated, and, during her first years of college, the anxiety grew, and so did the binging, and she started...

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