The Republican leader of the Illinois House wants to establish a hotline for helping victims of sexual harassment.

July was another dangerous month in Chicago, with 74 homicides reported.

A Northern Illinois prosecutor is launching a program to let some people who accept responsibility for their crimes to erase their convictions from their records.

Disgraced Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge is expressing disbelief the city has established a fund to compensate alleged victims of torture at his hands.

Crime victim advocates are encouraging Illinois voters to approve a proposed Constitutional amendment aimed at protecting victims' rights. But not everyone thinks an amendment is needed.

East Peoria is working on ways to help residents who lost their homes during last year’s landslide. Residents affected by the 2013 floods and rainfall continue to ask the city council for long-term recovery help, not a ‘Band-Aid’.  East Peoria Mayor Dave Mingus says the city is working to meet the resident requests:

International group helping tornado victims

Feb 20, 2014
Denise Molina-Weiger / Peoria Public Radio

An international organization is teaming up with local non-profits to provide starter kits for families who lost everything in the November 17th tornadoes. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul as well as the local Red Cross, Salvation Army, and Jewish Federation raised enough funds to help up to 200 families.