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The Illinois River could have a brighter, cleaner future ahead.

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"What’s in Your Water," was the topic of The Greater Peoria Environmental Science Society’s monthly meeting yesterday


Eastern Iowa democrats are asking residents for support during the legislative session that begins Monday, with republicans in control.

Michelle O'Neill reports State Senator Rob Hogg, State Senator Rita Hart, and State Representative Phyllis Thede plan to "play defense" but also push their own goals.


Senate Democratic Leader Hogg, from Cedar Rapids, is concerned the GOP will try to pass a photo I.D. requirement to vote. But up to 7% of Iowa residents don't have drivers licenses.

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CHICAGO (AP) - A lawsuit has been filed against the city of Chicago saying it should remove thousands of lead pipes that connects homes to the city's water supply.

The lawsuit was filed Thursday in Cook County Circuit Court by three plaintiffs and on behalf of others similarly situated. Their lawsuit accuses the city of not adequately warning residents about how lead can enter tap water after street repairs. The filing comes after widespread attention to a lead-contamination crisis in Flint, Michigan.

Illinois' Endangered Species Board has fallen victim to the state's budget woes.  The Rauner Administration says funding for staff has been eliminated completely.