Women's Fund

Women to Women Leader Luncheon Awards

May 28, 2014
Tamie Yost

  More than 250 women attended the Women to Women Leadership Luncheon at the Gateway building today. Three ladies were recognized with awards. Dr. Mary Schultz, with the the U of I College of Medicine and Children’s Hospital of Illinois won the Business Professions Award. Bradley University’s Janet Lange received the Education and Arts Award, and the Community Service Award went to Polly Barton.

A recently-suspended tradition in Peoria returns this Spring with help from the Community Foundation of Central Illinois and the Women's Fund. The groups are hosting the 35th annual Women To Women Leader Luncheon. The YWCA started the event in 1978. But the tradition didn't go on last year when the cash-strapped YWCA ceased operating. Christine Shay chairs the Women's Fund Board. She says former YWCA officials asked if the Women's Fund could continue the luncheon: