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The Illinois House has signed off on a workers' compensation measure that Democrats say addresses reforms requested by Gov. Bruce Rauner as part of a budget deal.
The measure headed to the Republican governor's desk after the House approved it 64-51 on Wednesday. But Rauner has already indicated that it doesn't go far enough.  
The proposal requires insurance companies to get state approval for the rates they charge.

Democrats in the Illinois Senate today made another attempt to meet the demands of Governor Bruce Rauner’s economic agenda.  The Republican governor has said the expense of workers compensation insurance has driven businesses out of the state.

The Illinois Senate is plunging back into the "grand bargain" budget compromise with three weeks remaining in the legislative session.  

The Senate voted 35-15 to give local governments flexibility on paying debts. It's one of the few measures with bipartisan support in a package that's supposed to help break a logjam on a state budget deal.

Chicago Democratic President John Cullerton wanted to call others, but Republican Leader Christine Radogno of Lemont said they weren't ready.

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The issue of how long injured pro athletes should be allowed to earn worker compensation benefits is being debated in Springfield.  The Chicago Bears are leading other Chicago sports franchises in backing a measure that would reduce a former player's ability to tap into workers compensation after a career-ending injury. 

Governor Bruce Rauner was elected on the promise he would "shake up" state politics.

Today, he admitted he's struggling to make good on that pledge.

Rauner -- a Republican who has never before held public office -- told the nonpartisan Taxpayers Federation that Illinois began going "down the drain" a long time ago. He says the state's problems were created by politicians who took the easy way out.

"Forcing a change in the system? I knew it was going to be hard. It's harder than I thought. And it takes longer."

Gov. Bruce Rauner closed the public portion of the budget summit with a forceful plea to take on what he says are the root causes of Illinois' financial woes. 

Labor unions are going on the road to make their case against Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner’s pro-business agenda. The latest in a series of events took place in Springfield this morning.

Democratic Speaker Michael Madigan says the Illinois House will consider changes to the state's workers' compensation insurance system when it reconvenes Thursday.

An Illinois Senate committee has rejected one of Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner's top pro-business priorities.

Illinois legislators took a weekend break, even though there are major issues unresolved heading toward their May 31st adjournment.  

Even as Republican Governor Bruce Rauner has finally introduced a formal plan to restructure Illinois' workers compensation system, the Democratic-led Illinois House Friday took a series of votes designed to show there isn't support for it to pass. 

Illinois state lawmakers today are scheduled to hold a rare hearing into what kind of regulations should be in place for workers who are injured on the job.

Despite a decline in unemployment in the past year, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner says changes are needed to prevent the loss of jobs in the state.   

Illinois dropped eleven spots in a national survey of the best places to do business. Business leaders say they're not surprised. IPR’S Amanda Vinicky reports.

The CNBC survey ranks Illinois 37th overall. But the state gets especially poor marks when it comes to the cost of doing business. Illinois comes in at 44th out of 50 states.