Tower Society

Donor support is the cornerstone of public broadcasting. The Tower Society has been established to assure the continuation and expansion of Peoria Public Radio's notable news and information, entertainment and music.

It was also established to recognize the most generous donors of the WCBU's family.  Tower Society members are individuals who support Peoria Public Radio with an annual contribution of $1000 or more.  Your support and commitment help the station to provide excellent and unique programming every day.

Tower Society Benefits

Becoming a member of this prestigious group entitles you and your guest to an exclusive reception with NPR's celebrities, special seating and recognition at all events  lunch with the Executive Director, tour of the station, a day sponsor day, and fanfare magazine.

The greatest benefit from supporting the Peoria Public Radio is the tremendous satisfaction you will feel as a member in helping to ensure that quality programming that informs, inspires and entertains is available for you and others throughout central Illinois.