Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteers take listener pledges during Membership Drives.

Volunteer Coordinator

  • The volunteer helps create fundraising events.  Solicit other volunteers, schedules and coordinates them  with their job preferences.

On-Air Membership Drives 

  • Volunteers are needed to help answer telephones and fill out pledge forms during the on-air membership drives. Volunteers work a two to three-hour shift (shifts are scheduled at various times during the day).

Direct Mail

  • Peoria Public Radio sends letters to potential members. Volunteers help stuff envelopes and get the mailings out.

Call Outs

  • Annually, WCBU sends out letters to lapsed members for renewal. Then, volunteers get together for one night to call these individuals and get pledges.

Radio Information Service volunteers read local newspapers and other periodicals.


  • The Radio Information Service (RIS) is staffed by volunteers reading local publications for the blind, visually impaired and print handicapped individuals in the area.  This program is transmitted on a "sub carrier" that can be heard on specially equipped receivers supplied to qualified listeners at no charge.  Learn more about RIS. GO >

To volunteer for Peoria Public Radio's next Membership Drive, call or email Jackie Rea at (309) 677-3868.

To volunteer for RIS, call or email Lee Wenger  at (309) 677-3585